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geotehnical investigations


Geotechnical investigations and testing of foundation soil and earth as construction material are a fundamental part of any building project. Our activities include comprehensive geotechnical investigations as basis for the development of studies, design documentation for new construction, determination of present status, and reconstruction and repair of existing structures. The investigation services rendered by our company include:

  • Preparation of ground investigation programmes,
    • Implementation, coordination and supervision of field investigations, including:
    • Geological, engineering geology and hydrogeology investigations,
    • Water quality testing,
    • Geophysical prospecting,
    • Exploratory drilling and exploratory trenches,
    • Sampling,
  • Preparation of Geotechnical Investigation Report.

All geotechnical investigations are carried out in alignment with the Croatian standards and applicable technical specifications.

In situ foundation soil investigations

  • Standard Penetration Test - SPT
  • Field Vane Test - FVT
  • Permeability testing - PT
  • Piezocone Penetration Test – CPTU
  • Dynamic Probing – DPL, DPM, DPH, DPSH


  • Comacchio GEO 205 - Hydraulic drilling rig, mounted on a rubber crawler. Equipped with automatic standard penetration testing system (SPT) and fitted with equipment and accessories for soil investigations, rock drilling and sampling.
  • Geotech Georig 220 – Hydraulic rig mounted on a rubber crawler for execution of in situ electrical cone and piezocone penetration tests (CPT/CPTU).
  • Nordmeyer Geotool LMSR CR-T 75-4 – Dynamic probing rig mounted on trailer fitted with equipment and accessories for execution of the following tests: DPL, DPM, DPH, DPSH
  • Stihl BT 360 – Manual auger fitted with equipment and accessories for shallow drilling in inaccessible grounds
  • Geonor H-10 Field Vane Shear Borer  - Fully protected, pressure push-in, field vane instrument fitted with accessories for soil shear strength testing in boreholes. Measurement range from 0 to 60 kPa and 0 to 100 kPa.
  • Neptun – submersible borehole pump
  • Gamma 85 pump
  • Hanna instruments HI 9828 – Multiparameter probe (pH/EC/DO) equipped with GPS. Suitable for water quality measurements.
  • Manual equipment and accessories for field investigations and measurements: pocket vane instrument TORVANE 51600200 suitable for measurement of undrained shear strength, pocket penetrometers HUMBOLTD H-4200 suitable for measurement of unconfined compressive strength, electric groundwater level instruments SISGEO, geological compasses, hammers, Barton comb, etc.
  • Specialised software for acquisition, processing, interpretation and display of test results  – CPT Log (Geotech AB), CPT PRO (Geosoft Ltd.), Surfer / Strater / Grapher (Golden Software), Aquifer Test Pro (Waterloo Hydrogeologic), Dynamic probing (Geostru)...,
  • Leica Digicat 650i – Handheld underground service (installation) locator with memory, Bluetooth®.
  • Garmin GPSMAP 64 – Handheld GPS 
  • The company has its own vehicles for transportation and mobilization of equipment in the field.